Before = $2,500 a month (10 year loss = $300,000)

Sad Toxic Client Wasting their Money buying electricity from EDC, using cheap technology, no solutions engineering, and stuck in the rut of too expensive and unreliable energy. They are also burning toxic "fossil fuels" imported from rich countries, sending Cambodia's money out of the country and making Cambodia even more poor, and less energy secure.

After Choosing Alpha Omega Energy = $2,000 a month (10 year gain = $300,000)

After Choosing Alpha Omega Energy = $2,000 a month (10 year gain = $300,000) Excited and Very Smart Clean Energy Client Saving Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars Every Month, getting very Cheap Electricity that's more reliable, using the best technology on earth with proprietary smart solutions engineering by world #1, Alpha Omega Energy. Much less to no toxic fuels being used, and ALL the money stays in Cambodia to help Cambodia grow.

See How Much You Can Save Each Month!!

Your Current Bill $50,000 a month

Total Cost
before $60,375
Reinvest $20,125
Year 1
before $84,675
after $28,225
Year 2
before $118,758
after $39,586
Year 3
before $166,557
after $55,519-
Year 4
before $233,597
after $77,865
Year 5
before after

Minimum Ethical Standards of Leadership

Alpha Omega Energy Solar Orphanage Program

AOE is giving the FIRST 1% of AOECOIN and the FIRST 1% of shares to the Disadvantaged Underdog Champions in Cambodia and Other Marginalized Peaceful Culture Nations into a trust to help them with their educational needs and pay for their University educations they otherwise would not be able to afford. We challenge every ICO and coin company to meet their Minimum Ethical Standards to Humanity and to do the same. We will also be campaigning for a law to this effect that we shouldn’t just be doing it, but shoud have to do so, named the AOE Minimum Ethical Standards ICO Law and AOE Minimum Ethical Standards Stock Market Law.

AOE is aiming to switch every Cambodian Orphanage, “Legal Children’s Home” or Disadvantaged Kids and Person’s group facilities from toxic corrupt energy to The Cleaner Brighter Future of solar power.

We will also be Campaigning for the AOE Man-up Tax. a 0.25% tax on the earnings of males, to be given to females in disadvantaged peaceful culture nations. Why? Because the FACT is they simply don’t have the same income opportunities as us guys do, period. Now Man-Up.

Orphanage Kids

Our Financial Partners

We support, are allied with, or supported by, a growing number of smart, innovative, visionary, top financial and other top firms, companies, and organizations due both their and our shared passions, visions, priorities, values, and commitments to high quality business, technology, and practices.


Generous Sponsors

  • Sponsored by World Economic Forum
  • Sponsored by Echelon Asia and E27 founder
  • Sponsored by ASEAN Sustainable Week
  • Sponsored by Cambodia Startup Fair and Cambodia Investor Club (now cancelled due to zero investment offers by Cambodia bosses, Ochneas, and Government, NGOs, PE funds.)
  • Sponsored by Startup Cambodia Emerald Hub
  • Sponsored by Victory Coworking Space
  • Sponsored by Singapore Week of Innovation
  • Sponsored by TokenNews Japan's #1 ICO investment news group


  • Nominated by Global Banking and Finance Review for #1 Cleantech/Fintech Startup Cambodia, with Global Game-changing Potential
  • Voted Most Valuable Project
  • Voted Best Project
  • Voted Most Likely to succeed
  • Won #3 out of 500 entrants in Startup competition in China but bosses refused to invest to foreign face Startup in China with no "Chinese controlling partners and free technology access" (the world of non Chinese face humans given the middle finger even as 2 million a year of their own die all around them and we went to help them). We since relocated out of China.
  • Bloomberg Asia CMO Offered to Showcase Us to the World on Bloomberg TV when we are ready.
  • Won TechStars Fintech 54 Hour Competition (but Techstars doesn't invest and didn't even record the presentations)
  • "Passed Nikola Tesla's 700 patents" with 1,754 Breakthrough Technologies, in 2017

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