Climate Change Fraud and Phony Talkers

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What should we as a public people rename the farse that is “Global Man-made Climate Change” to?

What is your opinion on "The Great Fusion Scam?"

Nasa to date has STILL never released a single legitimate undoctored photo of the entire earth from any kind of distance whatsoever. Not from any moon nor mars nor Saturn probes, not from any missions, and only from low orbit in the International Upper Atmosphere Lemon Station which is on a crash course of doom to earth. What say you?

Do you believe in the so called "Clean Coal" snake oil salesman story

What do you think about stored nuclear waste?

Some say that Government officials and huge clean energy corporations have destroyed innovation in new energy due to their Greed.

How much effort has been made by climate activists, ad sales networks (media) and lobbyists and climate researchers, to find, fund, and prop up and support the Small Private Cleantech Breakthrough innovators?

How fast could government and these Cop-23 crowds of tens of thousands of government officers and executives prop up solutions if they actually wanted to?

How many solar panels are on the World bank's offices, and should they be declared incompetant and morally defunct and in need of a total overhaul if there are not enough as 10 million a year are dead just from breathing?

How much money does World Bank fund or lend to SMEs and Startups solving the clean energy problem?

How much do climate research Orgs, enviro lobbyists and campaigners fund to the SPI CleanTech market?

How much of Bill Gate's BEV (breakthrough energy ventures) fund goes to SPI’s?

How much of the 400 billion a year research money the USA spends actually goes to the private market?

How many SPIs are fully funded to go to COP 23 each year?

How many nations have an open grid policy? Meaning someone builds a brand new technology and then feeds in their power into the grid without any restrictions and zero IP access by anyone, keeping their IP privacy, and gets paid by the government for whatever power they put in, regardless of the technology used?

The biggest solar conference in Southeast Asia called "Unlocking Solar Capital Asia" had what kind of programs, policies, markets and new markets and incentives for Unlocking capital and making finance available for startups to innovators to SMEs to then grow and promote and foster grassroots economic growth in Clean Energy and Innovation?

How many Startups and SME in this sector does the IFC fund? And how many should they to what effect?

How many Small Private Energy Innovators did famous showboater master of lying with hockeystick charts Al Gore invest in, support, and promote that other people invest in, on his global tours promoting and glorifying himself for huge speaking fees?

How many Breakthrough Technology Innovators have died in the last 20 years which NO ONE in the "Clean Energy industry" and especially no governments, are then funding the Small Private Innovators who dug up their tech to use and commercialize to solve this problem and create millions of jobs?

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