Economic Survey

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Who do you think should be directly investing cash in AOE, and who has the biggest obligation to invest cash directly into AOE the most?

Scicom gets over 400 Billion a year in Government research funding, over 4 Trillion in the last 10 years alone in just the United States, and has zero Energy Breakthroughs and nearly zero commercialized new energy technologies or businesses created whatsoever. AOE is eligible for not one dollar of this funding yet has 1,709 Breakthrough New Energy Techs and already commercialzing. How much should AOE get per year instead of them?

The Media refuses to report whatsoever on the Small Private Innovators and their Breakthrough Energy Technologies and guys like Bill Gates also refuse to support them, instead throwing another billion dollar useless firelog on the already 400+ Billion a year the USA gives to the completely defunct completely corrupt toxic-energy-crony-university complex of waste, misappropriation, near zero results and zero breakthroughs of any kind. What’s it going to take to get them to ever report on this?

How big of a responsibility is it by governments to provide electricity to their people?

Who is the right priority to give abundant clean energy and the focus of energy development to?

What is the MINIMUM STANDARD for government officers to do to even BEGIN to claim or pretend as if they care whatsoever about climate change or energy development or breakthrough.

What is the MINIMUM STANDARD in order to claim that your business or that you, are Changing The World?

How long do you think it will be before Scicom makes "fusion for energy?" (yet more toxic waste energy, cause it's not clean)

California's economy grew by how much after they increased their renewable energy promotion policies and environmental standards?

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