Science and Technology

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What is at the Center of the Milky Way galaxy?

How many Energy Technologies are Currently Held by Small Private Innovators which the Huge Corporations and Government Officers and World Bank and IMF and Cop23 and Climate Scientists are doing absolutely nothing about?

In what year was the world's most powerful battery to date patented, which still has received no support to date whatsoever and is practically not even in the market despite winning many awards?

In What Year are the majority of Fuel Cell Breakthroughs attributed to?

In What Year was the first time Television Stations Filmed Nationally on TV, Cars that ran on nothing but water?

In What year did Nikola Tesla Patent his Wireless Telegraphy (wireless radio signals) and wireless power system?

What would Nikola Tesla say if He was here and found AOE with our 1,704 Breakthough Energy Techs?

What is "light"?

How does the sun make it's energy?

How much has the earth grown in size over the last 6,000 years from taking in energies of all kinds and also falling meteors?

If there are 100 different applications in the energy industry, what is the prospect of commercializing better technology if Small Private Innovators were given funding?

How likely do you believe that Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower would have worked in lighting up the aurora borealis permenantly?

How many dimensions Does E=Mc2 measure correctly and fully?

Nikola Tesla patented just over 700 Technologies in his life. AOE has 1,704 Techs to date and counting. How many techs does AOE need to design before you will consider Nikola is exceeded?

How strong is your belief in new radical energy technology development?

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