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With 1,704 and counting BREAKTHROUGH New Energy Technologies, how much would you value AOE stock price at?

How much did 1 single use-license of Ballard Fuel Cell Technology sell for recently?

Are you looking for a long term investment with stable high growth (10% plus) that has asset backing, some regular income to reinvest, or are you more of a flip daytrader?

If One single license of Ballard Fuel Cell Tech sold for 50 million Dollars, and AOE has 1,704 techs that can be licensed in the future, How much is AOE and then AOECoin Worth?

Will you be investing in the upcoming AOE IPO Also? (Initial Public Offering)

How Crucially important do you feel it is for Media to report for free on these kinds of Gamechanging Small Private Innovators, especially those committed to the peaceful culture undeveloped Markets.

Do you think it's good for Real Businesses with Tokens and 'Token companies' to Also go IPO?

How much value do you think it will add to AOECoin when we add IPO?

How much does AOE's Philanthropic Mission of For Profit Social Enterprise like Solar Orphanages, and Other Social Champion programs make you more likely to invest than other coins?

With "Climate Change" being a 500+ Billion Dollar a year spent industry, and 10 Trillion a year in 20 years, and World Economic forum stating its a 4.5 Trillion a year demand problem, what is the value of AOE's Breakthrough Technologies?